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Re: Upgrading to Fedora core 4

On or about 2005-09-15 14:26, Fritz Whittington whipped out a trusty #2 pencil and scribbled:

On or about 2005-09-15 12:03, Timothy Murphy whipped out a trusty #2 pencil and scribbled:

On Thu 15 Sep 2005 16:24, oldman wrote:

 I am trying to upgrade to Fedora Core 4 and when it
is reading CD Disc # 2, I get this error message
saying that it can't find "xorg-x11-6.8.2-31" bcause
its missing or the package is corrupt. I downloaded
and burnt disc# 2 many times and I still get this
error. My pre-upgrade linux box is hosed. I do see
this file on the CD thru Windows explorer.

I don't know anything about your problem,
but you could try installing in text mode
(giving "linux text" as your answer to the prompt at the start).

  I doubt this will help as Anaconda is still being told you want a
full install (including X).

I don't understand your comment;
"linux text" means you _don't_ want to install X.

Are you using Fedora?
Bzzzzzzt. Sorry, "linux text" to GRUB means you want to run the install in text mode; has nothing to do with whether X is going to be installed or not...

If the file is present on the CD directory listing in Windows, can you actually get it (that is, copy the file to some temp spot on your hard drive)? Just because you see it listed in the directory doesn't mean that the file itself is OK.
Did your iso download images verify correctly with the MD5 checksum?

Did you do the "media check" at the beginning of installation, and all OK?

If you can answer "YES" to the above 3 questions, then perhaps you need to set the "no DMA" option in the instructions to GRUB at install time.

Sorry, fingers going too fast... where I said GRUB above I meant the installer.

Fritz Whittington
TI Alum - http://www.tialumni.org

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