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Re: Masquerading, Sendmail, Multiple Domains

On Thu, 2005-09-15 at 13:50, Corey Head wrote:

> I'm running sendmail successfully, but occasionally
> some emails will not go through to some ISPs because
> they get marked as spam.  My guess is it's because I
> have multiple domains hosted on the same server.  So,
> the email would appear to come from domain1.com, but
> the return address is domain7.com.  I've found yahoo,
> earthlink and comcast will deny those messages
> sometimes without specific user intervention.  
> Is there a way with Masquerading that I can setup
> specific users for each specific domain?  In other
> words
> domain 1:  user1-1, user1-2, user1-3 (each receiving
> different mail)
> domain 2:  user2-1, user2-2, user2-3 (each receiving
> different mail)
> In some ways it's like virtual hosting in
> apache...from the outside you can't really tell what
> server you're on/coming from with the various domains.

With sendmail the answer to any 'is there a way' question
is always yes - but you have to digest the 900-page bat
book to figure it out...   I think the genericstable is
what you want:

  Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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