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Re: A Few Questions

James Wilkinson wrote:

> Tim wrote:
>> Pick a different port, yet again. Pick something like eighty-thousand,
>> it's unlikely to be blocked, nor be found so easily be nosey parkers
>> probing your ports.
> Well, it's unlikely to be blocked, all right, but I don't think it will
> work: RFC 793 specifies ports as being 16 bits, which means the highest
> port number is 65535.
> Hope this helps,
> James.
    Thanks Guys,
Only problem is it's an IRC Server that I need it for! One of the clubs
I belong to has an IRC channel and I just hate not being logged in with
no Ident.
I'm really hat a loss as for why it's not working. I've got holes on 113
in the router/firewall hosted by this box. I've got holes in 113 in the
Linux Firewall and if I do a local query I get an ident reply, if I do a
LAN query I get an ident reply. Yet no reply outside the
Router/Firewall. I'm using authd by the way. I've read tons of pages
each with their own method of doing it and none seem to work.. I'm lost.
If the ISP isn't blocking it for some reason what could I have done
wrong that it's replying to the LAN but it won't reply to an outside
server request? Incidently, my Mac (OS X) also has an Ident server
running with X-Chat Aqua.. Even that one will not give a reply outside
the LAN. I guess my only step next is to use the dreaded dust collector
over in the corner running Billy Ware and if mIRC's Identd gives no
reply it must be the ISP's idea of internet security.

>> One not so pressing issue is how do I disable the fancy GUI while Fedora
>> loads?

>As said, remove the "rhgb" keyword (Red Hat Graphical Boot) from the
>kernel line in grub.conf, you could even uninstall the RPM for it if you
>don't want to ever use it again (I did, it's just one less thing for me
>to keep up to date).  I also removed the "quiet" keyword, I'd rather see
>any warnings that might crop up.

That was another question I had.. Remove the entire line or just RHGB and Quiet?

Removing the RPM altogether is also an option. I see no reason for a
fancy loading screen.

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