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Re: OT - has my email domain been hijacked?

Chris Wright wrote:
> That appears to be a SPAMMER who is faking a user ID at your domain in the
> from address.
> The dumb mail server of some of the recipients hasn't worked out that the
> headers are forged, so it is returning the 'unknown address error' back to
> you instead of the source.
> What it should do is look at the headers to see that it is faked, and just
> bin it without doing nothing.

Guy Fraser wrote:
> ...snip...
> Mail servers do not generally accept a DATA command if the RCPT 
> command produces an error, so the rest of the headers are not 
> looked at. The proper response is to respond with a user 
> undeliverable error.

That assumes that the receiving server knows that the address is

Very often (as with westexe.demon.co.uk), the MX (server to which
e-mails get sent initially) is owned by a big ISP (in my case Demon
Internet), which doesn't know which addresses on westexe.demon.co.uk are
valid. So it has to accept all e-mails to westexe.demon.co.uk.

In this case, the relevant standards (RFC 821 and 2821) say that since
the e-mail has been accepted but can't be delivered, a bounce message
*must* be sent. (These days, there's enough spam and viruses about that
this is no longer considered best practice.)

In general, it's not easy to program a MTA to be sufficiently sure that
an e-mail *is* faked that it can drop it.


E-mail address: james | "I don't think so," said René Descartes.  Just then,
@westexe.demon.co.uk  | he vanished.

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