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Re: Linux-compatible webcam recommendations invited

Tim wrote:

Well, if you wanted to have a video phone like we've all seen in the
movies for the last twenty years or so...

But on a serious note, some people will use the camera to take a still
shot of something, so it is handy to have resolutions that are better
than the usual, quite crappy, webcam offerings.

Dudes and dudettes,

i just noticed yesterday that even though spca driver gets my STX to work, it appears to have made my sound device unrecognized. I can't have any audio at this time. I'll probably have to uninstall it. Suppposedly, snd-usb-audio driver should pick up the webcam mic, but i'm guessing spca, and/or snd-usb-audio caused an IRQ conflict. I'll probably have to return this one, and go for QC Pro 4000 this weeekend, even though that one is about twice as expensive, w/ roughly the same features.

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