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Re: Linux-compatible webcam recommendations invited

M Daniel R M wrote:
El lun, 12-09-2005 a las 23:05 -0500, Reshat Sabiq escribió:

I just plugged in STX: doesn't appear to be supported, but i'll play a
I looked up QuickCam Pro 4000 as well: is it true that it supports
crazy resolutions like 1280x960? 

Reshat, I can not imagine why someone would need such resolutions in a
webcam... I don't know what are "the limits" -if existing...;-)- they
claim in the Windows software for this, all in all such high resolutions
are always obtained by zooming and pixel interpolation, and quality goes
down proportionally. IMO "Semi PAL-DVD" 352x288 is a very good frame
size for the purpose of a webcam. 
Anyway, I think that the max resolution that the pwc driver can provide
is 640x480, but I don't know if there is any app that can manage that. 

Daniel, are you able to view QuickCam Pro 4000 stream from within
Gnome Meeting window, or do you have to use an external app, like vlc?

Yes, I am able to view both from GnomeMeeting and from some other apps,
like vlc. For example here, in vlc, you can view the capture at full
screen (1024x768 in my case), but quality turns down as you can

 Also, are you able to use the built-in mike on QuickCam Pro 4000? 


Yeah, it works. It is recognized as a sound usb-device, and can be
managed by the "Gnome Volume Control" applet, it appears as another
alsamixer device.
Given that i'm having problems w/ audio/mic in STX, i'll probably go for Pro 4000 too.


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