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Re: NFS puzzle - need help exporting a machines root file system

On Thu, 15 Sep 2005 ramb sonic net wrote:

I tried putting this in A's /etc/exports file:

/ B(rw,sync)

on B when I tried to mount this filesystem I got this error (after a rather
long delay):

mount: A:/: can't read superblock

just a shot in the dark, but mebbe try adding the option no_root_squash to your exports

/ B(rw,sync,no_root_squash)

My goal is really this: I have several linux machines, from one
machine I would like to be able to see all files on all machines.

Maybe I could use samba to export the root file system from all
machines - but I would like a more unix-ish solution if there is one.

This is not such a crazy idea, but as always be sure that you take all the nessessary security precuations.

Sometimes this is done in large UNIX shops, i.e. with the NetAPP filer the root file system is exported via NFS to an admin machine, and changes are made on the admin machine, then from the admin machine rsh is used to issue commands to the filer to re-read the config files. Logging into the filer does not happen. This is not a rule, but is an experience that I have seen in a large ISP.

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