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Re: A Few Questions

On Thu, 2005-09-15 at 17:27 -0400, Randall J. Berry wrote:

> Only problem is it's an IRC Server that I need it for! One of the clubs
> I belong to has an IRC channel and I just hate not being logged in with
> no Ident.

Why care?  Does it really help you if you allow it?

> I'm really hat a loss as for why it's not working. I've got holes on 113
> in the router/firewall hosted by this box. I've got holes in 113 in the
> Linux Firewall and if I do a local query I get an ident reply, if I do a
> LAN query I get an ident reply. Yet no reply outside the
> Router/Firewall. I'm using authd by the way.

Is authd configured to pay attention to outside queries?  The reality of
the problems that can occur with allowing it to be queried from outside
outside, and how easily it's responses can be faked, really means that
it oughtn't to be used outside of a LAN.

And in what way have you allowed it through your router?  You'll
probably have to forward the port through to a specific PC, rather than
just open a hole for it to get through.

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