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Re: /usr/local vs. /opt

On Fri, Sep 16, 2005 at 08:12:02AM -0400, Steve Snyder wrote:
> Is there a standard or rule-of-thumb regarding location of non-distribution 
> software packages?  I've read the HFS spec, but I'm still not clear on this.
> Some packages, both RPM-based and tarballs, want to install in /opt and others 
> in /usr/local.  I don't perceive a pattern to where a given type of 
> installation prefers to install its files.
> Given a choice in locations, where should I opt to install RPM packages, and 
> where should non-RPM software go?

Wherever you think you'll find it later. :)

We've gone through several iterations here.  If the software is going
to be used by multiple machines, I put it in /usr/local because my
/usr/local tree is nfs-shared across my network.  (Yes, I'm grimly
aware of a non-local 'local' directory.) If it is a major package
that is likely to be superceded by a superior version in the future,
it generally gets installed into /tools which is an autofs, and users
get directed to manipulate their environments so that they can use
the appropriate version.  If it is going to be run locally, or is
important that it only run locally (because it keeps some kind of
state that is important), then it gets installed in /opt.  

No matter what you chose, someone will always have an excellent
reason why it should go somewhere else.

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