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Re: Program to edit video DVDs

Paul Smith wrote:
On 9/13/05, Robin Laing <Robin Laing drdc-rddc gc ca> wrote:

I have got a video DVD disk, which I would like to copy without
certain parts of its contents. Is there some software specific for
accomplish that goal?

I don't know of a single DVD editor but you can use mplayer/menconder to
pull tracks from the DVD to save as what ever format you wish.  You can
also set times.  It is command line, not GUI but it works great.  Save
to a raw avi and the use avidemux for futher editting.

Many options are open using mplayer/mencoder.

Thanks, Robin. In truth, I am only wanting to get rid of some tracks
of a certain video DVD disk.


Have you ever really looked at how DVD's are created? I expected a series of files that would represent each track. Boy was I wrong.

Now just to remove some tracks would still require breaking up the VOB's and re-encoding. This can all be done with mplayer/mencoder options.

Here is an example from the mplayer man page.
   Encode DVD title #2, only selected chapters:
   encoder  dvd://2  -chapter  10-15  -o title2.avi -oac copy -ovc \
              lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4

I have read about DVDrip but I have not tried it. I didn't have enough disk space on my computer to rip a DVD.

In any case you will still have to author the DVD if you want to play it as a DVD. I have not done this yet.

I have found that this is a massive learning curve. I found that working with one program was much more useful for my purposes than bouncing around between applications. I have grow partially knowledgeable with mplayer/mencoder but there are so many options available to the user that it could take years to become an expert. Hey, but that is what keeps me young.

Look at both of these links.

Robin Laing

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