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Re: FC4 error?

> Hongwei Li wrote:
>> I updated selinux-policy-targeted from 1.23.16-6 to 1.25.4-10.1, then
>> service
>> dovecot can start without error.  However, booting process still shows
>> error:
>>  Setting up Logical Volume Management: /var/lock mkdir failed, read-only
>>  filesystem
>> Setting selinux default as permissive, then reboot, still get the same
>> error.
>> So, this one is not selinux issue. Then, what does it actually mean?  How to
>> fix it?  BTW, I reinstalled FC4 twice, the same situation.
> I think you may be able to ignore this one. When rc.sysinit is doing
> "Setting up Logical Volume Management", it runs lvm with the
> --ignorelockingfailure option (see "man lvm") because everything is
> initially mounted read-only and locks can't be set. So although the
> error message is generated, booting proceeds as normal.
> Paul.

Thanks!  That makes me easy.  However, I wonder if everybody gets this same
error or not.  If yes, then why fc4 release can't fix this issue?  (fc4 is not
released recently).  If not, why just me getting this error.  Since I am going
to run/install many other packages (I haven't done anything else), I am
worried about this problem.  Hope it will not cause any new problem.



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