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RE: nfs mount

>From a command line do a 'ping <server_name> and see if that's
successful.  I just dealt with this early today where I was getting a
server down.  The server was up, DNS has the correct info and so did NIS
hosts but my _local_ hosts file had the wrong IP and therefore it was

If you get a response from the server ping, login to the server, do a
'ps -aux | grep nfs' and make sure that NFS is really running.  Also, at
a command line on the server you can do an 'exportfs' and it will show
you what filesystems are exporting.

If all that looks good, try putting

/u01		*(sync)

In your /etc/exports file and restart NFS just to see if it's an
security issue hanging you up.  

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I am trying to nfs mount one dir on the server to
another client.

Both on the server and client I restarted portmap,nfs
and autofs everything is restarting fine. In the 
/etc/sysconfig/autofs file based on the suggestion of
few in this forum I have changed the localoptions to
udp on both the machines.

In the /etc/exports dir I have the folloing 


Where /u01 is the dir in the server and 192.... is the
ip of the client.

Both the machines run on FC-4 and I tried with 
mount nfsver=2 option too but I get the server down

Let me know if there is a solution to tackle this.


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