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Re: How to burn FC4 CDs from Window XP PC

--- David Le <davidcle yahoo com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I downloaded 4 iso files of FC4 using my Windows XP
> PC. But I don't know what utility available on
> Windows
> XP I should use to burn these files into 4 CDs so I
> can use them to install FC4 on this PC or another
> PC.
> Please let me know.
> Thanks,
> --david le.
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It depends if you already have Nero, or Roxio you have
to burn the iso images to cd.  You may double click on
the iso and Nero or Roxio should appear and you can
burn them.  Check the shasums and compare to the ones
on the Fedora download page
If you need further information check 

If you do not have Nero, Roxio, or the Windows Power
then there are other free tools to help you,


which includes cdrecord for windows like it is used in
linux.  In the case you feel comfortable with command
line get the cdrtools from
http://www.geoshock.com/cdrtools/ and burn from
command line.

Best Regards,


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