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How can I enter Polytonic Greek in FC4?

I'm using gnome and would like to enter Greek into Open Office.
I installed a few polytonic greek fonts (Aristarcoj, Code200, MgOpen).
With these fonts I can view polytonic Greek in Firefox, and copy
polytonic Greek from FireFox into Open Office.

I made a failed attempt at entering polytonic Greek by adding the
"Keyboard Indicator" to the panel, then adding "Greek Polytonic" to
the available keyboard layouts. When I selected "Greek Polytonic" as
the input group I couldn't figure out any way to type breathings or
any accent but acute (uses the semi-colon key). I noticed that the
Keyboard Preferences dialog has a *small* graphic of the keyboard
layout, but too small to find the breathings and accents.

Is there a correct way to enter polytonic Greek?

Is there a way to get a printout of the current keyboard layout?

What keys map to regular breathing, rough breathing, iota subscript,
grace accent, and circumflex accent?

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