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Help with Core 4 install off-list

I am a linux newbie. Just bought Red Hat Fedora 4 Unleashed book with DVD
disk yesterday and am having problems with doing a dual-boot install into my
Mac PowerBook G4 laptop.

I have an 80G drive, I've followed the instructions in the book, burned the
iso image to a CD and then booted to CD. I just need some basic help. Once I
can get the installer started I should be okay. A year ago I did an install
of Fedora by myself so dunno why I am having any problems.

I know you're supposed to install OS X first, so have wiped the drive and
done a clean install of OS X. I understand that the install process of
Fedora has a partioning section to it, so have not partitioned my drive yet.

I know it's Friday, but does anyone have a few minutes to just get me
started off-list via IM or email? The problem seems to be that my drive is
not reading the DVD or CD when booted to. I have no idea why. It reads and
boots to other CDs fine.

Thanks in advance.

Adam Boettiger
boettiger pobox com
AIM: AdamJBoettiger

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