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Re: NFS puzzle - need help exporting a machines root file system

Wolfgang <wolfgang rpi net au> writes:

> Just made a little mistake here myself.. Here's the correction.
> So the /etc/exports file should look like this. On B machine do this.
> /      A(rw,sync,norootsquash) ("A" being the IP address of the system wanting to
>        mount file system.)
> and you create your mount point. /mnt/tmp1 on the A machine.
> then on the A machine mount it as.
> mount B:/ /mnt/tmp1 (B is the IP address of machine)
> Ok, that should be correct this time around..
> Wolf

I've tried this and it does not work - the error message is in my first
post. Exporting directories lower than / works fine.

My case might be more complicated: Both machines are exporting filesystems.

>From my original message:
>I want to export the root file system from machine A and import it
>on machine B. On B I would like the file system to be mounted
>as /mnt/A_root.

The complication is that on A (machine wanting to export root) there
are some directories below / that come from B. But the NFS export
code should handle that right?

Oh well thanks for the suggestions.

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