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Re: Alternative to gdmflexiserver for KDE

On 9/3/05, Paul Smith <phhs80 gmail com> wrote:
> > > Under KDE, gdmflexiserver does not work. Is there some alternative to
> > > work on KDE?
> >
> > As you can see (http://pandora.iu-bremen.de/~mafgani/Screenshot.png), it
> > works for me. The screenshot shows a nested gdmflexiserver (GNOME)
> > started from KDE that was started as a nested gdmflexiserver from the
> > root display (GNOME).
> Thanks, Thomas and Mostafa. It does not work in my case, as I have the
> following /etc/sysconfig/desktop file, which is not the default one:
> There is a workaround to have, even so, two X sessions running simultaneously:
> 1. crtl+alt+f1
> 2. login into the desired account;
> 3. startx -- :8
> One can switch between the two X sessions with crtl+alt+f7 and crtl+alt+f8.
> I think it would be worthy to implement a more straightforward way of
> achieving this for people like me who have the above
> /etc/sysconfig/desktop, likewise Mandriva has done (and Suse as well,
> I think).

Meanwhile, the research efforts of Alexei Dets have produced a much
better solution. As I reported before, under

K Menu -> Switch User

there was no entry for "Start New Session" on my computer, running FC4
and KDE. To have the "Start New Session" menu entry, Alexei Dets
proposes the following:

«I've experimented a bit and found out that "ReserveServers" entry in the
"[General]" section is responsible for ability to start a new session. It
also controls the total amount of the simultaneous X-sessions on the system.

For example, if you don't have ReserveServers (or it is commented out) then
you'll not have a menu entry to start a new session. If you'll have
"ReserveServers=:1" you'll be able to start one additional session (you'll
not be able to start third session - menu item will be disabled),
"ReserveServers=:1,:2" - two additional sessions, "ReserveServers=:1,:2,:3" -
three sessions etc.»

Since I have done a clean installation of FC4, it is strange that the
above-mentioned configuration is not done by FC4 at the installation


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