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Re: Multimedia problem

Gaber,M wrote:

i have installed a XMMS on a fedora core 4 ,
it tells me that the plugin for mp3 is not available due to it was removed
from red hat official.
i still couldn't get it to work.
also with the vedio paying. avi's & asf's
i've tried up2date but it tells me that packages aren't available..

XMMS will play most all audio, with the proper plugin. To get the mp3 working
you need to be able to access livna.org.  to do this run the command:

rpm -Uvh http://rpm.livna.org/fedora/4/i386/RPMS.lvn/livna-release-4-0.lvn.2.4.noarch.rpm

which will install the proper yum config files in /etc/yum/repo.d/

you should now be able to: yum install xmms-mp3

For videos you need a different program. I have used mplayer for years and have been fairly happy with it it is available at livna also, although I have had much better luck with the package available at freshrpms.net if you just yum install mplayer\* you will get all the goodies you need to view most all videos. there are more codecs available at the mplayer homepage though I'll warn you, the documentation on how to use them is sparse.

Others will advise you to use xine or kaffee etc. etc. Try a few and see what you like!


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