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Re: FC3 (urgent): /lib/ empty system wants /lib/ld-linux.so.2andbox dont execute commands...

From: "Thomas Cameron" <thomas cameron camerontech com>

> > > > My /lib/ is empty. probaly someone (more admins) deleted the files
> > > > accident.
> > >From another system i packaged the lib dir into a tar.gz, making sure
> > the used kernel on the crashed box is the same on the box i used
> > (/lib/modules/)

> So it *could* be said you are restoring from backup, like I originally
> said - just a backup of an identical system.  :-)

Okay  misread it :P

> > Boot rescue cd, start network, wget the created tar.gz to
> > unpack
> > copy unpacked files to /mnt/sysimage/lib
> > and reboot.

> > Testing it now on a vmware created box to see if it works. (i think it
> > anyway this way).

> Good luck, and let us know if you fix it.

At the test setup in a vmware box is works. minor things that can be fixed
later on. But main point is that shell access is working again.
I wrote a little how-to for the local technical support guy so he can do the
job on the co-location.


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