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Windows Update on Domain controller seems to have broken SAMBA

Good Evening folks:

I have a bit of a crisis here!!!

My samba servers (2 of them) have been authenticating against my active
directory server for a couple months with no problem.  Suddenly today,
they stopped working, and windows is asking for authentication and then
not accepting it whenever I try to access a samba share.  The only
changes that I can see is that I applied a series of updates to the
Active Directory server.  The most likely culprit being the Windows 2003
Server Service pack 1 which I just removed.  I will be removing the
others shortly, however I am in desparate need of some help as our samba
server is our file server and no one can get to any of their files
(thank God it's the weekend).  Any suggestions etc would be most


Timothy A. Holmes
IT Manager / Webmaster / Computer Teacher
Medina Christian Academy
A Higher Standard...
Jeremiah 33:3
Jeremiah 29:11
Esther 4:14

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