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Re: Moving an extreemly large file system

On Sat, 2005-09-17 at 12:43 -0700, Daniel Vogel wrote:
> >
> >>I'm taxed with moving a 200GB filesystem from one server to 
> >>another. If
> >>it wasn't so big I'd think nothing of it and use the told 'tar | 
> >>rsh'
> >>trick but I'm a bit concerned since it's over 200GB and 730,000 
> >>files.
> >>
> >>Is it safe to use tar or should I use dump or a script and 
> >>'/bin/cp' or
> >>what?
> >
> >I'd probably use rsync(1).
> >
> What about dd? it woud help too?

Recommending dd for moving a filesystem between machines does not seem
like a good choice to me.  

Dd makes a bit-for-bit copy of everything.  It will be exactly the size
of the source and may have things you don't want.   For example, using
dd to copy an entire 80gb drive to a 160gb drive would likely mess up
the ability to access the 160gb of space since dd also copies not just
the data but the drive geometry and the partition table as well. Similar
slightly different problems may occur if you just copied a partition

To copy a filesystem to another filesystem I would recommend rsync or

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