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Re: How to create a partition inside an existing partition?

David Le wrote:


Thanks everyone who answers my question about utility
to burn FC4 CDs. I was able to use Roxie to do that,
although it's not a free software.

I'm a new user to FC4 and I'm really impressed about
its functionalities.
I want to setup a dual-boot of WinXP and FC4 on my
labtop IBM ThinkPad T43. There is one physical disk of
80GB and there were already 2 partitions (created by
IBM when I bought this labtop): Partition #1 (70GB),
partition #2 (4GB). Question:
1) Inside partiont #1, I want to create partions
needed for installation of FC4. How can I do that
correctly and safely?
You don't create a partition inside another, but you must resize the existing partition then make a new partition. There are quite a few tools, the most famous being Partition Magic. You should google for them, make sure that you get a non-destructive partitioner.

It would be appreciated if you can give me as much
detail as you can.
Installation is a HUGE subject to put into 1 email, but I will suggest that it is 1000% easier if you have a second, blank hdd, so that you can be fairly fearless, knowing it is practically impossible top screw up your existing installation (in fact you won't have to mess with it much at all).

Try this link as a start:


2) What is the reasonable size of partition that
should be reserved for running FC4?
This varies quite a bit depending on what you want to do with your system, but 5GB for basic stuff including Xserver, some multimedia etc 10 GB if you're going to want to burn CDs and have movie files mp3s etc I use 15 GB and may need more if I ever need to burn dual layer DVDs.


Please let me.
Thank very much.

--david le.

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