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Re: MathML fonts

On Sun, 2005-09-18 at 16:26 -0400, Matthew Saltzman wrote:

> One more aesthetic suggestion: I'd use hypens rather than underscores in 
> the RPM names.  Most RPMs seem to do it that way, so it would obey the 
> principle of least surprise.

Yeah - I see the - as indication of a subpackage though.
That's what rpm does automatically with the %package tag - it puts the
base name, a - , and then the package name.

I suppose you are right though, because one spec file could be used for
the ttf and postscript fonts, producing two distinct rpms.

Since these fonts can't ever make it into a distributable repository w/o
licensing change (I may query MathType and see if they can change their
license - they allow re-distribution, but they include the windows
installer as part of the term "Software" for which they do not allow
dis-assembly, which is essentially what cabextract does). It looks like
they already have made exception for the font needed by MathML.

I used the version of makeself.sh that blackdown.org uses to package
their java rpm's to create a .bin file that requires agreement to
license to extract, I'm now working on a letter to send them asking if
they would allow distribution in that form, since it keeps with the
spirit of their windows font installer distribution.

Of course, that would still prevent it from being installable through
yum - but heh. Their fonts may be nice to have readily available for
other apps.

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