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Re: Mail server

Abilash Praveen M wrote:

I'm a newbie to linux. I'd been using Centos for a couple of weeks. Now I've changed my box to FC4. I however do not have enough experience in handling mail servers. I have setup everything except the mail server. I already have my MX changed to point to this box.. but I'm not sure how I would setup all emails to someone sub thisbox com <mailto:someone sub thisbox com> come to my nix box. I have sendmail (iam not sure if sendmail is used to accept incomming emails) and I created a sub.thisbox.com in the local domains list. I think created an alias somone and asked it to send emails to my hotmail address. So, I assumed that when I send an email to someone sub thisbox com <mailto:someone sub thisbox com> it would go to my hotmail address. But it doesn't happen to be so. I don't get a undelivered message.. but it seems to have gone into the queue for unknown reasons.

Can I request you please to help me out setting up my email server? I might need to also host my thisbox.com emails once I succeed with this sub. I might probably need pop3 access too. I found that centos was not very much helpful for me.. but i'm not sure if FC4 list would help me cuz I might sound too newbie???? Thanks in advance to anyone who will help me out.

Unless you have a particular reason for using sendmail, I'd recommend using something simpler like Postfix (http://www.postfix.org). It'll probably do everything you need it to do anyways, and be ready to go in under an hour.

-- Skylar Thompson (skylar cs earlham edu)
-- http://www.cs.earlham.edu/~skylar/

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