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 kdebindings             i386       3.4.2-1.3.fc4.kde  kde-redhat
18 M
     replacing  sip.i386 4.2.1-1

 librpm4.4               i386       4.4.1-22_49.rhfc4.at  atrpms
915 k
     replacing  rpm-libs.i386 4.4.1-22

 GConf2                  i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
1.4 M
 GConf2-devel            i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
173 k
 ImageMagick             i386  kde-redhat
2.7 M ORBit2                  i386       2.12.4-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
231 k
 ORBit2-devel            i386       2.12.4-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
371 k
 alsa-lib                i386       1.0.9rf-21.rhfc4.at  atrpms
48 k alsa-lib-devel          i386       1.0.9rf-21.rhfc4.at  atrpms
992 k alsa-utils              i386       1.0.9rf-14.rhfc4.at  atrpms
1.0 M apt                     i386       1:0.5.15cnc7-57.rhfc4.at
atrpms 1.4 M
 arts                    i386       8:1.4.2-1.2.fc4.kde  kde-redhat
1.2 M at-spi                  i386       1.6.6-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
253 k
 at-spi-devel            i386       1.6.6-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
109 k
 atk                     i386       1.10.3-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
196 k
 atk-devel               i386       1.10.3-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
95 k
 autoconf                noarch     2.59-5_11.rhfc4.at  atrpms
639 k
 automake                noarch     1.9.5-1_24.rhfc4.at  atrpms
537 k automake14              noarch     1.4p6-12_3.rhfc4.at  atrpms
309 k automake15              noarch     1.5-13_3.rhfc4.at  atrpms
285 k
 automake16              noarch     1.6.3-5_12.rhfc4.at  atrpms
345 k automake17              noarch     1.7.9-6_20.rhfc4.at  atrpms
418 k bcel                    noarch     5.1-5jpp
jpackage-generic-free  454 k
 beecrypt                i386       4.1.2-8_9.rhfc4.at  atrpms
10 k
 bug-buddy               i386       1:2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
528 k classpathx-mail         noarch     1.1-1jpp
jpackage-generic-free  386 k
 control-center          i386       1:2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
2.5 M dasher                  i386       3.2.18-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
5.5 M
 dbus                    i386       0.50-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
575 k
 dbus-devel              i386       0.50-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
305 k
 dbus-glib               i386       0.50-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
93 k
 dbus-python             i386       0.50-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
108 k
 dbus-x11                i386       0.50-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
17 k
 docbook-dtds            noarch     1.0-26_10.at     atrpms
632 k
 docbook-utils           noarch     0.6.14-4_6.at    atrpms
66 k
 eel2                    i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
385 k
 eel2-devel              i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
49 k
 eog                     i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
733 k
 epiphany                i386       1.8.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
3.4 M
 evince                  i386  nrpms
1.0 M evolution               i386       2.4.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
10 M
 evolution-data-server   i386       1.4.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
4.2 M
 evolution-webcal        i386  nrpms
90 k
 fedora-release          noarch     4-2_3.rhfc4.at   atrpms
412 k
 fetchmail               i386       6.2.5-7_4.rhfc4.at  atrpms
572 k
 file-roller             i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
903 k
 firefox                 i386       1.0.6-2.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
18 M
 gail                    i386       1.8.5-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
331 k
 gail-devel              i386       1.8.5-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
16 k
 gaim                    i386       1:1.5.0-2.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
4.2 M
 gconf-editor            i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
314 k
 gd                      i386       2.0.33-2_11.rhfc4.at  atrpms
77 k
 gd-devel                i386       2.0.33-2_11.rhfc4.at  atrpms
90 k
 gdm                     i386       1:  nrpms
3.3 M
 gedit                   i386       1:2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
2.9 M gimp                    i386       2:2.3.3-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
11 M
 glade2                  i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
1.8 M
 glib2                   i386       2.8.1-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
601 k
 glib2-devel             i386       2.8.1-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
1.1 M
 gnome-applets           i386       1:2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
5.2 M gnome-desktop           i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
675 k
 gnome-desktop-devel     i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
45 k
 gnome-doc-utils         noarch     0.4.1-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
132 k
 gnome-games             i386       1:2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
8.5 M gnome-icon-theme        noarch     2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
3.2 M
 gnome-keyring           i386       0.4.5-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
133 k
 gnome-keyring-manager   i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
175 k
 gnome-mag               i386       0.12.1-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
123 k
 gnome-media             i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
2.8 M
 gnome-menus             i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
148 k
 gnome-netstatus         i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
259 k
 gnome-panel             i386       2.12.0-2.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
2.8 M
 gnome-panel-devel       i386       2.12.0-2.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
34 k
 gnome-python2           i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
119 k
 gnome-python2-bonobo    i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
59 k
 gnome-python2-canvas    i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
58 k
 gnome-python2-extras    i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
31 k
 gnome-python2-gnomevfs  i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
20 k
 gnome-python2-gtkhtml2  i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
11 k
 gnome-session           i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
373 k
 gnome-speech            i386       0.3.7-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
51 k
 gnome-system-monitor    i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
616 k
 gnome-terminal          i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
1.9 M
 gnome-themes            noarch     2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
2.5 M
 gnome-utils             i386       1:2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
5.4 M gnome-vfs2              i386       2.12.0-2.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
1.1 M
 gnome-vfs2-devel        i386       2.12.0-2.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
377 k
 gnome-vfs2-smb          i386       2.12.0-2.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
19 k
 gnome-volume-manager    i386       1.5.1-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
284 k
 gnomemeeting            i386       1.2.2-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
3.3 M
 gnopernicus             i386       0.11.6-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
1.8 M
 gok                     i386       1.0.5-2.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
1.3 M
 gphoto2                 i386       2.1.6-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
1.1 M
 gstreamer               i386       0.8.11-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
687 k
 gstreamer-plugins       i386       0.8.11-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
1.5 M
 gthumb                  i386       2.6.7-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
1.9 M
 gtk-doc                 noarch     1.4-1.1.fc4.nr   nrpms
109 k
 gtk2                    i386       2.8.3-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
4.9 M
 gtk2-devel              i386       2.8.3-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
2.6 M
 gtk2-engines            i386       2.6.5-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
301 k
 gtkhtml3                i386       3.8.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
871 k
 gtksourceview           i386       1.4.1-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
430 k
 hal                     i386       0.5.4-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
255 k
 hal-devel               i386       0.5.4-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
141 k
 howl                    i386       0.9.10-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
22 k
 howl-libs               i386       0.9.10-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
92 k
 intltool                i386       0.34.1-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
111 k
 iptstate                i386       1.4-1.2.fc4.rf   dries
31 k
 jakarta-commons-beanutils  noarch     1.7.0-2jpp
jpackage-generic-free  345 k
 jakarta-commons-collections  noarch     3.1-2jpp
jpackage-generic-free  482 k
 jakarta-commons-digester  noarch     1.7-1jpp
jpackage-generic-free  174 k
 jakarta-commons-modeler  noarch     1.1-4jpp
jpackage-generic-free  111 k
 jdepend                 noarch     2.6-3jpp
jpackage-generic-free  196 k
 jpackage-utils          noarch     1.6.6-1jpp
jpackage-generic-free   49 k
 jsch                    noarch     0.1.20-1jpp
jpackage-generic-free  100 k
 junit                   noarch     3.8.1-4jpp
jpackage-generic-free  178 k
 kdebase                 i386       6:3.4.2-1.5.fc4.kde  kde-redhat
27 M kdelibs                 i386       6:3.4.2-1.2.fc4.kde  kde-redhat
18 M kdemultimedia           i386       6:3.4.2-1.0.fc4.kde  kde-redhat
8.1 M lftp                    i386       3.2.1-24.rhfc4.at  atrpms
740 k
 libIDL                  i386       0.8.6-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
91 k
 libIDL-devel            i386       0.8.6-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
84 k
 libao                   i386       0.8.6-0_2.rhfc4.at  atrpms
27 k
 libavc1394              i386       0.5.0-0_6.rhfc4.at  atrpms
24 k
 libbonobo               i386       2.10.1-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
469 k
 libbonobo-devel         i386       2.10.1-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
693 k
 libbonoboui             i386       2.10.1-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
383 k
 libbonoboui-devel       i386       2.10.1-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
368 k
 libdv                   i386       0.103-4.rhfc4.at  atrpms
27 k
 libgal2                 i386       2:2.4.3-2.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
707 k
 libgcrypt               i386       1.2.1-10.rhfc4.at  atrpms
61 k
 libgcrypt-devel         i386       1.2.1-10.rhfc4.at  atrpms
214 k
 libgnome                i386  nrpms
735 k libgnome-devel          i386  nrpms
101 k libgnomecanvas          i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
210 k
 libgnomecanvas-devel    i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
153 k
 libgnomecups            i386       0.2.1-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
69 k
 libgnomeprint22         i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
383 k
 libgnomeprint22-devel   i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
337 k
 libgnomeprintui22       i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
302 k
 libgnomeprintui22-devel  i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
137 k
 libgnomeui              i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
917 k
 libgnomeui-devel        i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
514 k
 libgsf                  i386       1.12.3-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
100 k
 libgsf-devel            i386       1.12.3-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
204 k
 libgtop2                i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
129 k
 libgtop2-devel          i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
57 k
 libraw1394              i386       1.2.0-1_6.rhfc4.at  atrpms
28 k
 librsvg2                i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
154 k
 librsvg2-devel          i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
110 k
 libsoup                 i386  nrpms
127 k
 libtool                 i386       1.5.18-2.99_12.rhfc4.at  atrpms
658 k
 libtool-ltdl            i386       1.5.18-2.99_12.rhfc4.at  atrpms 25 k
 libvorbis               i386       1:1.1.1-0_3.rhfc4.at  atrpms
7.9 k
 libvorbis-devel         i386       1:1.1.1-0_3.rhfc4.at  atrpms
827 k
 libwnck                 i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
157 k
 libxml2                 i386       2.6.21-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
737 k
 libxml2-devel           i386       2.6.21-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
760 k
 libxml2-python          i386       2.6.21-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
157 k
 libxslt                 i386       1.1.15-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
439 k
 libxslt-devel           i386       1.1.15-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
299 k
 lm_sensors              i386       2.9.1-41.rhfc4.at  atrpms
460 k
 log4j                   noarch     1.2.11-1jpp
jpackage-generic-free  330 k
 metacity                i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
2.1 M
 mikmod                  i386       3.1.6-36.99_1.rhfc4.at  atrpms
187 k
 mutt                    i386       5:  atrpms
1.1 M
 nautilus                i386       2.12.0-2.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
3.8 M
 nautilus-cd-burner      i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
342 k
 nmap                    i386       2:3.93-0.2.fc4.rf  dries
781 k
 openh323                i386       1.15.6-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
7.5 M
 openjade                i386       1.3.2-16_8.rhfc4.at  atrpms
1.0 M oro                     noarch     2.0.8-2jpp
jpackage-generic-free   71 k
 pango                   i386       1.10.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
299 k
 pango-devel             i386       1.10.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
215 k
 perl-Compress-Zlib      i386       1.37-1.2.fc4.rf  dries
89 k
 perl-Digest-SHA1        i386       2.10-1.2.fc4.rf  dries
48 k
 perl-XML-LibXML         i386       1.58-4.rhfc4.at  atrpms
234 k
 perl-libwww-perl        noarch     5.803-2_5.rhfc4.at  atrpms
329 k
 pkgconfig               i386       1:0.19-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
73 k
 popt                    i386       1.10.1-22_49.rhfc4.at  atrpms
63 k
 pwlib                   i386       1.8.7-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
4.2 M
 pygtk2                  i386       2.6.3-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
744 k
 pygtk2-devel            i386       2.6.3-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
253 k
 pygtk2-libglade         i386       2.6.3-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
11 k
 python-elementtree      i386       1.2.6-4.2.fc4.rf  dries
78 k
 qt                      i386       1:3.3.4-17.3.fc4.kde  kde-redhat
3.4 M
 regexp                  noarch     1.3-2jpp
jpackage-generic-free   29 k
 rhnlib                  noarch     1.8-6.p24.1_8.rhfc4.at  atrpms
96 k
 rhythmbox               i386       0.8.8-2.2.fc4.rf  dries
1.8 M
 rpm                     i386       4.4.1-22_49.rhfc4.at  atrpms
576 k
 rpm-build               i386       4.4.1-22_49.rhfc4.at  atrpms
513 k
 rpm-devel               i386       4.4.1-22_49.rhfc4.at  atrpms
1.2 M
 rpm-python              i386       4.4.1-22_49.rhfc4.at  atrpms
95 k
 samba-client            i386       3.0.14a-2.1.fc4.kde  kde-redhat
2.8 M samba-common            i386       3.0.14a-2.1.fc4.kde  kde-redhat
5.8 M sgml-common             noarch     0.6.3-17_11.at   atrpms
42 k
 sound-juicer            i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
348 k
 spamassassin            i386       3.1.0-1_28.rhfc4.at  atrpms
977 k speex                   i386       1.0.5-1.2.fc4.rf  dries
203 k
 syslinux                i386       3.09-1.2.fc4.rf  dries
438 k
 thunderbird             i386       1.0.6-2.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
14 M
 totem                   i386       1.2.0-2.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
1.3 M
 tvtime                  i386       1.0.1-1.2.fc4.rf  dries
715 k
 up2date                 i386       4.4.23-4_11.rhfc4.at  atrpms
1.7 M
 up2date-gnome           i386       4.4.23-4_11.rhfc4.at  atrpms
100 k
 usermode                i386       1.81-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
143 k
 usermode-gtk            i386       1.81-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
104 k
 vino                    i386       2.12.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
322 k
 vte                     i386       0.11.15-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
501 k
 xalan-j2                noarch     2.6.0-3jpp
jpackage-generic-free  1.6 M
 xchat                   i386       1:2.4.5-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
1.7 M
 xml-common              noarch     0.6.3-17_11.at   atrpms
6.1 k
 xml-commons             noarch     1.0-0.b2.7jpp
jpackage-generic-free   16 k
 xml-commons-apis        noarch     1.0-0.b2.7jpp
jpackage-generic-free   82 k
 xml-commons-resolver    noarch     1.1-3jpp
jpackage-generic-free   64 k
 xorg-x11                i386       6.8.2-37.FC4.48.1  updates
14 M
 xorg-x11-Mesa-libGL     i386       6.8.2-37.FC4.48.1  updates
207 k
 xorg-x11-Mesa-libGLU    i386       6.8.2-37.FC4.48.1  updates
278 k
 xorg-x11-deprecated-libs  i386       6.8.2-37.FC4.48.1  updates
88 k xorg-x11-deprecated-libs-devel  i386       6.8.2-37.FC4.48.1
updates   95 k
 xorg-x11-devel          i386       6.8.2-37.FC4.48.1  updates
5.0 M
 xorg-x11-font-utils     i386       6.8.2-37.FC4.48.1  updates
124 k
 xorg-x11-libs           i386       6.8.2-37.FC4.48.1  updates
2.5 M
 xorg-x11-tools          i386       6.8.2-37.FC4.48.1  updates
342 k
 xorg-x11-twm            i386       6.8.2-37.FC4.48.1  updates
163 k
 xorg-x11-xauth          i386       6.8.2-37.FC4.48.1  updates
101 k
 xorg-x11-xdm            i386       6.8.2-37.FC4.48.1  updates
170 k
 xorg-x11-xfs            i386       6.8.2-37.FC4.48.1  updates
139 k
 yelp                    i386       2.12.0-2.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
384 k
Installing for dependencies:
 DCC                     i386       1.3.0-12.rhfc4.at  atrpms
1.3 M
 OpenEXR                 i386       1.2.2-5.fc4      extras
420 k
 atrpms                  noarch     61-1.at          atrpms
19 k
 cairo                   i386       1.0.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
265 k
 cairo-devel             i386       1.0.0-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
268 k
 djvulibre               i386       3.5.15-2.fc4     extras
1.8 M
 elfutils-devel          i386       0.108-1          release
63 k
 elfutils-libelf-devel   i386       0.108-1          release
55 k
 fltk                    i386       1.1.6-1.2.fc4.rf  dries
1.0 M
 glitz                   i386       0.4.3-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
80 k
 gstreamer-tools         i386       0.8.11-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
75 k
 iso-codes               i386       0.46-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
1.0 M
 jasper                  i386       1.701.0-4        extras
153 k
 lcms                    i386       1.14-3           extras
144 k
 libao2                  i386       0.8.6-0_2.rhfc4.at  atrpms
12 k
 libasound2              i386       1.0.9rf-21.rhfc4.at  atrpms
308 k libavc1394_0            i386       0.5.0-0_6.rhfc4.at  atrpms
9.1 k
 libbeecrypt6            i386       4.1.2-8_9.rhfc4.at  atrpms
124 k
 libdv4                  i386       0.103-4.rhfc4.at  atrpms
55 k
 libgcrypt11             i386       1.2.1-10.rhfc4.at  atrpms
160 k
 libgd2                  i386       2.0.33-2_11.rhfc4.at  atrpms
71 k
 libghttp                i386       1:1.0.9-11       release
38 k
 libnotify               i386       0.2.2-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
27 k
 libosp4                 i386       1.5.1-9.rhfc4.at  atrpms
706 k
 libpixman               i386       0.1.5-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
49 k
 libpixman-devel         i386       0.1.5-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
51 k
 libraw1394_8            i386       1.2.0-1_6.rhfc4.at  atrpms
13 k
 librom1394_0            i386       0.5.0-0_6.rhfc4.at  atrpms
9.1 k
 libtunepimp             i386       0.3.0-0.1.fc4    kde-redhat
205 k
 libvorbis0              i386       1:1.1.1-0_3.rhfc4.at  atrpms
96 k
 libvorbisenc2           i386       1:1.1.1-0_3.rhfc4.at  atrpms
86 k
 libvorbisfile3          i386       1:1.1.1-0_3.rhfc4.at  atrpms
19 k
 libxslt-python          i386       1.1.15-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
112 k
 mDNSResponder           i386       98-0.2.fc4       kde-redhat
44 k
 notification-daemon     i386       0.2.1-1.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
52 k
 opensp                  i386       1.5.1-9.rhfc4.at  atrpms
525 k
 perl-Archive-Tar        noarch     1.23-4           release
39 k
 perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Bignum  i386       0.03-2.rhfc4.at  atrpms
28 k
 perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA  i386       0.22-2.rhfc4.at  atrpms
33 k
 perl-DBI                i386       1.48-4           release
571 k
 perl-HTTP-GHTTP         i386       1.07-3.rhfc4.at  atrpms
31 k
 perl-IO-Socket-SSL      noarch     0.97-1.fc4       extras
41 k
 perl-IO-String          noarch     1.06-3           release
12 k
 perl-IO-Zlib            noarch     1.04-4           release
15 k
 perl-Mail-DomainKeys    noarch     0.21-1.rhfc4.at  atrpms
9.1 k
 perl-Mail-SPF-Query     noarch     1.997-4.fc4      extras
56 k
 perl-MailTools          noarch     1.67-1.2.fc4.rf  dries
83 k
 perl-Net-CIDR-Lite      noarch     0.18-2.fc4       extras
14 k
 perl-Net-SSLeay         i386       1.26-2           extras
196 k
 perl-TimeDate           noarch     1:1.16-3         release
32 k
 pmount                  i386       0.9.3-2.1.fc4.nr  nrpms
51 k
 pyzor                   noarch     0.4.0-9.fc4      extras
61 k
 qscintilla              i386       1.6-3.fc4        extras
492 k
 razor-agents            i386       2.75-12.rhfc4.at  atrpms
108 k
 sysfsutils              i386       1.2.0-4          release
58 k


[root localhost mirco]# rpm -q sysfsutils
package sysfsutils is not installed
[root localhost mirco]# rpm -q pyzor
package pyzor is not installed
[root localhost mirco]#

As I said before if I try and perform a standard update via yumex I do
not get the same amount of updates but only the xorg updates. Is yumex
using a different configuration?


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