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Re: gray up2date icon in FC4

Amadeus W. M. wrote:

On Sun, 18 Sep 2005 09:38:37 -0700, oldman wrote:

Amadeus W. M. wrote:

Why does the up2date applet in FC4 think it can't connect to RHN (showing
a gray circle with a red diagonal line as in "access denied"), when if I
start the applet, up2date works fine?

The applet turns gray when the RHN servers can't be reached. usually you need to right click on it and select check for updates to have it try to connect to the servers again. If they are up again the applet will become blue again. Or (as you discovered) clicking
on it and running a session will "fix" it (assuming the servers are up)


It remained gray even though the update worked flawlessly.
That's strange, though the applet and up2date are separate programs. try right clicking the applet and choosing exit, then go to the menu Applications-->System Tools-->Red Hat Network Alert Icon and see if that helps.

I wish it
didn't work though, because the old X server bug hit me again, and I had
to downgrade to the original xorg rpms, do the libvgahw.a trick, etc.
You might check the repo at http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/core/updates/4/i386/ (I assumed i386) and download the last rpms (a bit of a pain, but better than going all the way back ) Or, if you set up up2date for it you have a copy of updated rpms in your /var/cache directory (IIRC)

What a pain... Why is something being shipped with FC, if it doesn't work
as it should?

Good question. Possibly someone just didn't realize updating up2date to use yum style repomd formatted files would break the Alert Icon, OTOH maybe Fedora/Redhat wants Fedora to move away from the RHN and to use yum exclusively. As to the problems you and others had with the xorg unfortunately no one noticed it in rawhide and reported it before release, I have a very old ATI graphics card and always have trouble with the openGL, so I'm always bugzilla'ing.

I have a mainstream intel motherboard + video chip and this
bug still manifests after it has been reported to death and after so long?


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