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Re: installing Fedora w/o booting from CD


What you suggest is no longer possible. If you consult the instalation manuals
of fc3 and fc4 you'll see it is written there (somewhere).

I had the same problem and this is what I did:

- downloaded a mini floppy distribuition called tomsrtbt, with all that is
needed to format a filesystem and also containing wget
- with wget I downloaded the install images (all files in directory isolinux of
the first cdrom)
- I created a GRUB floppy using gru-install and edited the grub.conf file to
point to the install images
- then I reboot the pc and grub booted, I choose to boot the install image and
then I do a http or nfs install from anothet machine..

that's it.


Citando Mark Jordan <mark theexile gmail com>:

 >I want to install fedora on a old pc that doesn't have
 >an option setting in the bios that allows the pc to
 >boot from a CD.
 >How I can install Fedora without being able to boot
 >from the CD and preferably, not having to upgrade the
 Can you still get a disk image for a floppy and then do the install
 with FTP? I think that you used to be able to do this ( Webmonkey
 wrote an article on this back in 99
 http://webmonkey.wired.com/webmonkey/99/08/index3a.html?tw=backend )
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