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Re: Inel Wireless 2915ABG & FC4 on Dell Inspiron 9300

Linux wrote:
Hi all,
Have tried a couple of other linux distro's for a while, but have to go back to Fedora C4 :-)

I have read a couple of pages on the net about this card, but i was hoping for an easyer solution, since my card is detected in the hardware browser in KDE

I have a Dell Inspiron 9300 Laptop, and is getting a problem with my Intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG Network Connection miniPCI adapters. Running FC4 with all updates & latest kernel at the time of writing.

I can see the card in the hardware browser, but when i try to add it in the network setup i can not get it to work. The message says it can not activate it. In the network setup it is detected as a regular network card and not a wireless...

The WiFi indication light is also not working, but the bluetooth indicator is lighting up, so it should be activated. (those are turned on and of together)

Does "lsmod" show the ipw2200 driver as being loaded?  That's required
for that card.  If it's not loaded, try "modprobe ipw2200", then see if
"ifconfig -a" shows a "wlan0" entry (the name for the wireless card).
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