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Re: Error

Homero Briozzo wrote:

I'll translate...

I saw a reply which said it was a PHP script error, but he says
it works under Suse 9.0, so anyway...

Estimados amigos ,

Dear friends,

Tengo una aplicaciĆ³n que sobre Suse 9.0, php4, mysql 3.2 me funciona perfecto.

I have an application on Suse 9.0, php4, mysql 3.2 which works
perfectly for me.

Si esa misma aplicaciĆ³n la corro en otro equipo que tiene instalado lo siguiente:

If I run the same application on other equipment on which I have
installed the following:



PHP 4.3.8

phpMyAdmin 2.6.3

MySQL 3.23.58-4

Apache 2.0.50

Fedora Core 2

Kernel 2.4.22

Me da este error :

It gives me this error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /var/www/html/ipplanv6/ipv6/displaycustomer.php on line 87

Uds. me podrian orientar ?

Could y'all direct me?

Muchas gracias,

Saludos cordials


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