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Re: RESEND: Screen Saver Not Funny

Tom Lettington wrote:
Ooooops: Checked settings for random screen saver and couldn't find anything like this.

 Oh Oh !!!


FC4 has a screen saver that replicates the scrolling text of a system that has just experienced a kernel panic crash. The first and second time I saw this I panicked! I almost went into reinstall system mode, or even worse, start buying new hardware.

This is not amusing ! I'm now going to disable screen saver and just power down the monitor.

The better one was the Blue Screen of Death! The first time I saw
it on my Linux box I cursed it until I remembered that this was
Linux and it doesn't BSOD. Since I had gotten so use to seeing it
(on Windows boxes) I almost rebooted it right there on the spot. I
decided not to use that screen saver. :-)

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