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Re: NEWBIE: Configuring Linux-Windows network

So I followed the guide, as you said. How do I check if those ports are
open? Is there a problem if SELinux is on? I think it is, not really sure.

About that linuxuser = windowsuser

I want to share files from my account, which is "blackline" in linux,
and the user on the windowscomputer is "Larsas", so then, should I write
"blackline = Larsas"?

yes it should be like this.

for adding the samba password for user blackline

smbpasswd -a blackline

How do I share files then, from the Linuxmachine? Where do I put files I
want to share?

After doing what you told me i entered "Show all computers in workgroup"
from Windows, there i saw "Larsas" and "Samba Server (Localhost)"

there are few examples given in /etc/samba/smb.conf  how to share the files.

;   comment = Mary's and Fred's stuff
;   path = /usr/somewhere/shared
;   valid users = mary fred
;   public = no
;   writable = yes
;   printable = no
;   create mask = 0765

;   path = /usr/somewhere/else/public
;   public = yes
;   only guest = yes
;   writable = yes
;   printable = no

Like this you can share the files.

Don't forget to check the configuration file with testparm and reload/restarting the smb service after making changes.


service smb reload


Ankush Grover

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