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Re: Grub doesn't install

Ian wrote:

Hi Jim,
Thanks for the response.
My problem is, though, that I can't boot FC4 at all, because grub didn't get installed when I reinstalled FC4. The master boot record still contains lilo from my install of Mandrake, and it won't boot FC4. So I have no way of changing any grub settings. I think they call it stuck between a rock and a hard place...

An easy way to wipe out the MBR information is by booting up a startup disk for the w9x series OS and typing "fdisk /MBR". This wipes out grub or lilo from the master boot record. A DOS boot disk with fdisk on it should do the same, using "fdisk /mbr"
XP uses the recovery console and I believe you type fixmbr to clear the mbr.
To clear the MBR in Linux, I don't know how to do this. There is probably a utility to clear the MBR somewhere.


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