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Re: xorg-x11 update may have broken my system

Alex Janssen wrote:

Jim Cornette said the following on 9/19/2005 8:18 PM:

I just want to get my graphics interface back. I don't care who did what to who for ...
Why don't they test this stuff before they distribute it?
Everything was going great. I was showing off linux(FC3) to all my friends and now I'm trying to hide it. I tell 'em, I'm to busy right now to show it to you, come back later, like next week. I hope I can get this fixed before then. Somebody post a fix! Please. I was actually using linux more than windows xp for once and now this! Well, I know FC is a test bed. I probably should switch to a more managed distro. I don't think I can stomach this... I think I'm going to hurl ... mmm mmm ... I just did "yum install xorg-x11*", it dl'd some modules and installed them, but X was still crippled.
Is there any way to back up?


Try this link and download the rpms from redhat. A fix will be released soon.


For the response from the xorg-x11 list, see below link. There are links for bug reports included in this message.



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