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RE: Move directory from one petition/device to another

Perhaps I was too subtle. You are not attempting the difficult; You are attempting the impossible and failing... And rightly so.

/etc and its contents MUST be available immediately upon the system's start up. Among all the elements that make this important, the one that is key is that the file that describes what needs to be mounted during the boot IS STORED ON THE /etc PATH. If /etc is a mount, then how do you propose to get it mounted, when it contains the very file that would tell the system to mount something at /etc. 

Hopefully this is clear enough and straight forward enough and convincing enough to allow you to move on to some other task and stop wasting effort on trying to teach the pig to dance. ("Never try to teach a pig to dance; It wastes your time, and annoys the pig.")

/etc must be part of the root filesystem. Don't put any more effort into mounting a different filesystem there. Also, /etc is small enough as to not be worth having as a separate filesystem: It's small. It's static. It isn't worth the effort, and the effort is doomed to failure anyway. Give up.

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I did read it and I understood it to be difficult but not impossible. So I'm
now attempting to do the difficult and failing!

If I follow what you say (and I'm not sure I do), I would do the following 
(having copied the contents of /etc to /newetc):
vi /etc/fstab
/dev/sda2 /etc ext3 defaults 0 0

mv /etc /oldetc
mv /newetc /etc
> The contents of /etc are typically not all that big.  Why
> do you want it on a separate partition anyway?
I probably should have told the whole story. What I have is a bunch on
directories on a RAID5 array and want to move all the system-type ones e.g.
/etc /bin /sbin/ to a RAID1 array, leaving /home /usr etc where they are. I
guess it would be easier the other way around but that's not an option.

Any further advice would be appreciated.



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