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Stop Wireless from re-activating


FC4 - Lastest updates applied
IBM ThinkPad 
IPW 2100

My Thinkpad has an Intel 2100 something - wireless card built in and I have 
the IPW2100 driver up and running.
When I'm at home, I want to use the machine using the LAN connection, and I 
only use the Wireless connection only occasionally.
I have set up the wireless card set up to NOT start at boot and I verified the 
settings in it's startup script.

However, I noticed that my default route always runs across eth1 (wireless). I 
decided to "ifdown eth1" and "rmmod ipw2100". This works for a few seconds 
(the wireless indicator on the machine's panel goes off) but it comes back on 
almost immediately (2 seconds or so later).

This means, all my traffic once again runs across the 11 MBit/sec link instead 
of the 100 MBit link.

How do I make this stay dead, after I shoot it?

Best regards,
Chris Ruprecht
Network grunt and bit pusher extraordinaíre

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