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Re: xorg-x11 update may have broken my system

Alex Janssen wrote:

I ran "yum update xorg*" as soon as I got home tonight and the update fixed the problem. I new these guys were working on it hard. They wanted me to be able to show off linux to my friends without embarrassment.

Thanks Xorg.

This is hard on my nerves, though.


Both Kristian and Mike seemed to resolve this issue quickly (and others behnd the scene, if any). The explanation of the problem in the bug report presented was informative to understand what exactly went wrong and what actions are being taken to make X to not have mysterious lockups that happen for no known reason and with no easy way to diagnose what exactly is going wrong. I believe the patch related to pci control governed by the kernel and not directly addressed by the X server was where X broke. I guess support for a wider range of Intel chipsets was part of the upgrade also. Does anyone have later model Intel graphics that now works? Also, out of curiousity, those wth Intel 810 or 815, was X broken with the previous security release? My card worked, I am just trying to figure out if it was my resolution settings (1280x1024 24) or if the 810/815 cards were not broken for others either. (1024x768 16 for example).

For the person having the Quake tournament, good luck now since X should be working again.

At least now your friends will be able to see how Fedora, or Linux distros in general are supposed to work.


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