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Re: is there any mp3 manager for linux?

in xmms hit " j " key and it will allow u to select the file u want to play.
p.s. plus u can also sort them out using the menu u like. fiddle with it.

On 9/21/05, Deepak Shrestha <d8888pak yahoo com > wrote:

I have around 40GB full of mp3s. Right now I am using
xmms in FC4. My problem is searching a particular mp3.

$ ls -R | grep "name".mp3 doesn't work because some
are ripped with filenames like "AudioTrack 01.mp3"
etc. but these files have ID3 tags already there when
it was used with windows media player before.

Is there a utility or addons for xmms (like those in
media player, winamp etc.) or separate program, which
can manage all those mp3 based on Album,Year, Gnere


Deepak K. Shrestha

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