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Re: Does FC4 supports Pentium M ?

Hi David,

Yes, Pentium M is listed since FC1. But by default, when you install
FCx, it's setup to using different Pentium process, i.e., Pentium 4.

In my case, I'm using Compaq nx5000, 1.7Ghz, 512MB RAM, Centrino,
I had to install the kernel source, re-configure to make it point to
Pentium M, then re-compile the kernel. Then configure the wireless
network card using wireless tools.


On 9/21/05, David Le <davidcle yahoo com> wrote:

In FC4 release note, Pentium M was not listed as a
supported processor in i386 family. But I guess it may
be supported. Can you let me know if my guess is
correct? Currently, I had problem that FC4
installation suddenly stopped while installing disk #1
on my laptop IBM ThinkPad T43 using Pentium M - 2GHz.

I also wonder if anyone has the same problem or know
what it is?

Thanks for your help.

--david le.

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Eduardo Dela Rosa
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