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Re: Initial Wine installation doesn't seem to work

Rudolf Kastl wrote:

for application related information look on appdb.winehq.org

2005/9/21, Rudolf Kastl <che666 gmail com>:
wine doesent have a config file anymore...

2005/9/21, Lovell Mcilwain <lovell mcilwain gmail com>:
Hello all,

I am having trouble with Wine.  I went to the wine website and installed the
rpm for fedora core but the rpm doesn't seem to create a config file in the
~/.wine directory.

When I use the default confi file that I copied from the website, I still
can't seem to get my application to run under wine.

I am attempting to run dreamweaver 3.x and when I try to run it I get the
frame for the dreamweaver splash screen but the actuall splash screen never
shows up.  I can tell the frame of the splash screen is there cause when I
move an app that iss behind it you can clearly see where the frame is right
in the middle of the screen.

Can anyone tell me how I can get this up and running or if I am missing

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