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Re: Newbie PPC Core 4 questions

On Wed, 2005-09-21 at 09:18 -0700, Adam Boettiger wrote:
> I've tried downloading the PPC version of Core 4 several times to CD-R.
> Mediacheck shows all but the first .iso pass. Regardless of which mirror I
> use, the first .iso file always seems to faily the Mediacheck.
> I'm wishing to dual-partition my PowerBook G4 with OS X and Core 4. For the
> life of me I cannot understand why one file would fail the Media check from
> all mirrors.

There's a bug in mediacheck. With some CD drives, it is not reliable.

> Then, following the instructions, I attempted to run 'sha1sum' to compare
> the Disc 1 .iso file with the reg from the site; however my terminal in OS X
> will not find the command 'sha1sum' to compare the two files.

I think it is fink.

> Any ideas on what to try next would be appreciated.
> Also - Is Fedora one of the kernels that will allow for repartitioning
> during the install process, or should I be reinstalling and repartitioning
> OS X prior to attempting a dual-partition install?

Reinstall OS X leaving free (unpartitioned) space for Fedora.

> If not, it is my understanding that for a machine running 1 GHz of RAM I
> should create a swap partition of about 2GB in size

The rule of thumb use to be twice as much swap as real memory.
You don't need 2 GB of swap though. The installer will set good defaults
if you let it partition the free space how it wants it.

>  and a second partition
> for Core 4 that is around 10GB

10GB is fine. My laptop only has a 12GB hard drive and is only about
half full.

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