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Re: X problem with i810 on latest update

Am Mi, den 21.09.2005 schrieb Leon Pu um 18:50:

> > I just updated my X packages to the latest ones posted and they
> > didn't
> > work with my Intel i810 on-board VGA.
> > 
> > The old xorg-x11 packages which work were 6.8.2-37.FC4.45.
> > 
> > The one's that don't work are 6.8.2-37.FC4.48.1.
> > 
> > So if you've got an i810 keep a copy of the old packages if you want
> > to
> > try upgrading.
> > 
> > Also: is there a log of what changes in these packages? I'm guessing
> > that since only the numbers after FC4 have changed this is a revision
> > of
> > the package and not any X11 files. What's been done to break this and
> > can I report it as a Fedora or upstream bug?

> > Leon...
> I also meet this problem on my laptop COMPAQ PRESARIO B2000.
> Could anybody tell me how to solve it?

> Leon

Either wait for the FC4 update package or use the updates-testing

Fedora Core 4 Test Update: xorg-x11-6.8.2-37.FC4.49.1

Update Information:

Previous xorg-x11 update introduced a regression which prevented the X
server from starting up on all Intel chipsets.  This update fixes the
* Mon Sep 19 2005 Kristian Høgsberg <krh redhat com> 6.8.2-37.FC4.49.1
- Fix broken byteswapping in the pci config patch (#168717).

The regression fix X11 update for FC3 was published yesterday.


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