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Re: Newbie PPC Core 4 questions

On 9/21/05 9:49 AM, "Mike McCarty" <mike mccarty sbcglobal net> wrote:
> In my experience, 10GB is a little bit cramped for FCx. Add very
> many apps, and you'll start to run out of space. Especially if
> you decide to upgrade, and start downloading ISO images, at over
> 1/2 GB each. Open Office is about a Gig all by itself.

So if I have an 80G HD, I can probably afford 20G of space allocated to FC4
I'm sure...

Second question, and please do not throw eggs...

If I also want to leave a partition for Yellow Dog Linux in addition to FC4,
should the clean OS X install be done thusly:

First: OS X
Next: FC4 20 GB
Next: FC4 swap 1 GB
Next: LYD 10 or 20 GB (?)
Next: LYD swap 1 GB

All partitions should be extended type, non-journaled?

Adam Boettiger

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