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Re: Digital Camera Best supported in Linux-FC4

Antonio Montagnani wrote:
Robin Laing said the following on 21/09/2005 17:46:

Parameshwara Bhat wrote:

Hello All,

I plan to purchase a digital camera and want to know the brands which are best supported under FC4.


Parameshwara Bhat

As I am looking at this same thing, I actually emailed the manufacturer of the camera I am looking at and got a quick response. The Pentax *istDS complies with the USB Mass Storage Device standard. (so they say)

It would depend on your requirements. We use Nikons at work and I have not had any problems. The biggest issue will be the if the RAW format of the files is supported. I have yet to try this.

There was a commercial program that Pentax referred me to.


Pentax 1stDS works great also with RAW files.
You have to install the UFRAW plugin for Gimp.That's all

I guess I had better get the credit card warmed up.  :)

Robin Laing

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