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Re: installing Fedora w/o booting from CD

On Wednesday 21 September 2005 11:04, Mike McCarty wrote:
> vincent fail wrote:
> > I want to install fedora on a old pc that doesn't have
> > an option setting in the bios that allows the pc to
> > boot from a CD.
> >
> > How I can install Fedora without being able to boot
> > from the CD and preferably, not having to upgrade the
> > bios?
> >
> > Thanks
A really old machine would need a boot floppy. This is no longer available for 
Linux. A possible solution would be to use another (newer) machine to load 
the hard drive and then transfer the drive. Kudzu should be able to "figure 
things out".
>From the Fedora 3 release notes;

 Minimum: Pentium-class

       Fedora Core 3 is optimized for Pentium 4 CPUs, but also supports
       earlier CPUs (such as Pentium, Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Pentium III,
       and including AMD and VIA variants). This approach has been taken
       because Pentium-class optimizations actually result in reduced
       performance for non-Pentium-class processors, and Pentium 4 scheduling
       is sufficiently different (while making up the bulk of today's
       processors) to warrant this change.

     o Recommended for text-mode: 200 MHz Pentium-class or better

     o Recommended for graphical: 400 MHz Pentium II or better
  Memory Requirements

   This section lists the memory required to install Fedora Core 3.

     o Minimum for text-mode: 64MB

     o Minimum for graphical: 192MB

     o Recommended for graphical: 256MB

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