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Re: Need Help With Simple Partitioning Scheme

That should be okay, except for the following:

1. I don't believe that you should have a 1GB swap; follow the
rule of thumb in creating swap filesystem, that is, use only
2x the size of the physical RAM that you have; making it so
large would only be a waste of space because the OS uses
it only if there's a need for swapping-out/in of data which is
required by the many running applications at runtime; moreover,
too much swapping process indicates memory bottleneck and
affects performance;

2. As much as possible, make the swap second to the /boot,
the fact that it is your secondary memory, the spin head should
not travel accross your entire harddisk to read and/or write from/to
your swap file system.


On 9/22/05, The Engineer <short circuit btinternet com> wrote:

I used to use Redhat 6.2 several years ago and had a simple partition scheme on my 2nd HDD (40GB):

/dev/hdb1 /boot (100MB)
/dev/hdb2 Extended
/dev/hdb5 Swap (1GB)
/dev/hdb6 / (6GB)
/dev/hdb7 FAT32 partition (27GB)

(There is unallocated space still available on the HDD)

I want to try FC4 and am a bit confused about the order of the partitions.
I have 384MB of RAM, a PIII 866MHz processor, and two HDDs, with /dev/hda full up Window ME and several FAT32 partitons and want /dev/hdb with the above partitions and a /home partition as well.

Is the following partition scheme in the correct order ?

/dev/hdb1 /boot (100MB)
/dev/hdb2 Extended
/dev/hdb5 Swap (1GB)
/dev/hdb6 / (6GB)
/dev/hdb7 /home (2GB)
/dev/hdb8 FAT32 partition (27GB)

Should I swap around the / and /home partitions at all ?
Does the Swap partition need to be the first partition (/dev/hdb1) ?

Note: The FAT32 partition (/dev/hdb8) has to stay in its place.

I would appreciate any help or alternative schemes to the above.



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Eduardo Dela Rosa
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