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Re: MathCad replacement?

>>>>> "map" == Michael A Peters <mpeters mac com> writes:

    map> On Wed, 2005-09-21 at 22:00 -0300, Jean-Rene Cormier wrote:
    >> Hi, we have MathCad on our University laptops and I was wondering if
    >> there's something opensource like it for Linux.
    map> From the few times I've used MathCad - I'd have to say no. Not open
    map> source anyway.

Would Maxima meet your needs? (http://maxima.sourceforge.net/)

    Maxima is a version of the MIT-developed MACSYMA system, modified
    to run under Common LISP. It is an interactive expert system and
    programming environment for symbolic and numerical mathematical
    manipulation. Written in LISP, it allows differentiation,
    integration, solution of linear or polynomial equations,
    factoring of polynomials, expansion of functions in Laurent or
    Taylor series, computation of Poisson series, matrix and tensor
    manipulations, and two- and three-dimensional graphics.
    Procedures  may  be  written using an ALGOL-like syntax, and both
    LISP-like functions and pattern matching facilities are provided.
    Files containing maxima objects may be read from and written to
    disk files. Pre-written maxima commands may be read from a file
    and executed, allowing batch-mode use.

There are RPMs for it in the Fedora Extras repository.

--- Vladimir

Vladimir G. Ivanovic
Palo Alto, CA 94306
+1 650 678 8014

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