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Updating kernel on Installation CD

I need to fix the APIC bug related to the DAC960 driver.  To do this I
have to update the boot/install disk for Fedora Core 4.  I've followed
the instructions for FC2 at:


Everything goes well, I boot the installation disc, but it tells me
that it cannot find the installation CD in any of the cdrom drives.

Then I tried simplifying the approach (just update isolinux/* and
kernel-...i586.rpm from a pristine FC4 disc1).  The installer gave me
the same error.

Who has the expertise to help with this?  What is the installation
program looking at to determine whether a valid FC4 cd is in the cdrom

Here iso-info for the disc I created (I made it match the original
boot cd isoinfo output):

isoinfo -d -i Stentz-i386-disc1.iso
CD-ROM is in ISO 9660 format
System id: LINUX
Volume id: FC/4 i386 ftp #1
Volume set id:
Publisher id:
Data preparer id:
Application id: FC/4 i386
Copyright File id:
Abstract File id:
Bibliographic File id:
Volume set size is: 1
Volume set sequence number is: 1
Logical block size is: 2048
Volume size is: 320991
El Torito VD version 1 found, boot catalog is in sector 113
Joliet with UCS level 3 found
Rock Ridge signatures version 1 found
Eltorito validation header:
    Hid 1
    Arch 0 (x86)
    ID ''
    Key 55 AA
    Eltorito defaultboot header:
        Bootid 88 (bootable)
        Boot media 0 (No Emulation Boot)
        Load segment 0
        Sys type 0
        Nsect 4
        Bootoff 72 114

Brian Hayward

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