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Re: reset date and time

On Fri, 2005-09-23 at 00:03 +1000, Yuandan Zhang wrote:

> I tried the command lines (hwclock etc). but the problem exists. During
> shutdown, it seems at shutdown random seed, there was an quick error
> 'failed to synchronize hardware clock to the system clock'
> During the boot at startup auditd, there was some error, something like,
> ' denied ( write )  '. not sure if they are related.
> here is the cat /etc/sysconfig/clock
> ZONE="Australia/Sydney"
> UTC=false
> ARC=false

Your settings look fine here. Same as mine, except I am in Melbourne.

Try (as root):

hwclock --debug

and post the results.

It may be the problem specific to your hardware stopping you setting the

Also, if you run "hwclock" by itself, does it display the correct time?

You can see the commands executed at shutdown (including the syncing of
the hardware clock) in /etc/init.d/halt if this is helpful in debugging
your problem.

Cheers, Ben

> Yuandan

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