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Re: exercise a hub

I have a hub I'd like to run some tests on.  For this purpose I've
acquired two older desktops, I know that sounds backwards, but there
you are.  I'm going to put a minimal, one-cd install on both desktops
and connect them with the hub.  There won't be an internet connection,
nor any other computers connected to the hub but the two old desktops.

I'd connect them using just the router first, and verify I can ping
back and forth. Then when you substitute the hub for the router,
if it fails, you won't wonder just what the problem is.

Or use a cross-over cable.

Why exercise the hub you ask?  Great question.

Yes, indeed. Hubs are cheap these days. How much is your time
worth? Especially this is a 10 Mbps hub, not even a 100 Mbps.


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