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Re: reset date and time

On Thu, 2005-09-22 at 15:45 +1000, Ben Stringer wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-09-23 at 00:03 +1000, Yuandan Zhang wrote:
> > I tried the command lines (hwclock etc). but the problem exists. During
> > shutdown, it seems at shutdown random seed, there was an quick error
> > 'failed to synchronize hardware clock to the system clock'
> > During the boot at startup auditd, there was some error, something like,
> > ' denied ( write )  '. not sure if they are related.
> > 
> > here is the cat /etc/sysconfig/clock
> > 
> > ZONE="Australia/Sydney"
> > UTC=false
> > ARC=false
> Your settings look fine here. Same as mine, except I am in Melbourne.
> Try (as root):
> hwclock --debug
> and post the results.
> It may be the problem specific to your hardware stopping you setting the
> clock.
> Also, if you run "hwclock" by itself, does it display the correct time?
> You can see the commands executed at shutdown (including the syncing of
> the hardware clock) in /etc/init.d/halt if this is helpful in debugging
> your problem.
> Cheers, Ben

hwclock --debug produced NO error message 

looked at the /etc/init.d/halt script,
the command or process is 

 /sbin/hwclock --systohc --localtime

the command line run of this command is ok
but during halt, it failt, showing

Syncing hardware clock to system time     [FAILED]

i want to try set time in the bios, what key to trigger bios setup?

regards   Yuandan

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